I'm passionate about building Interactive Mobile Applications, User-Friendly Websites and Pretty Awesome Games.

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What am I doing right now?

I'm currently travelling around the world and exploring different cultures and tasty food whilst enjoying every moment of parenthood. I'm also growing my skill set by experimenting with a bunch of awesome tech and devices at GBG.

What's my background?

Graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science (BSc) degree in Computer Science from Middlesex University (3 years course, 1 year placement). This degree has been very helpful in transitioning from website development to software and video games development because it has provided me with a solid foundation in programming through C++, C#, SQL, OpenGL and Java.

Mostly used tools & platforms

Beeraj - Skills - Unity Game Studio 3D


Beeraj - Skills - Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio

Beeraj - Skills - Android Studio

Android Studio

Beeraj - Skills - Adobe Dreamweaver


Beeraj - Skills - Adobe Photoshop


Beeraj - Skills - Windows


Beeraj - Skills - MacOS 2015+


Beeraj - Skills - Android 2008+


What have I worked on?

You can find some of the projects I've had the opportunity of contributing to, and some of the personal-fun-things I've been working on. I have a strong perseverance for learning new things with Google serving as my teacher and Notepad++ as my notebook.


I always like to put some extra time in polishing my creations in-order to make sure the creative vision is achieved in the best possible way, regardless if it's a concept, game or website project. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a shout!

Box Stacker


Box Stacker: How high can you go? is a simple 2D vertical-scrolling game. The player objective is to stack as many boxes on top of each other by popping the parachute, it may sound easy but are you up for the challenge?


This game project was developed during my free-time and serves as a re-introduction into video games development. Throughout the development, I explored the features provided in Unity Engine UI Library and Particle Systems

Libraries / API

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;


#blockstack #2019 #gameintroduction #stacker #blocks #unity



Insury is a comparison service that specialises in providing personalised life insurance to UK-based residents. The company is rapidly growing and is in need of a brand-new website to renew their online presence which also incorporates their new color scheme and fonts.


This was an exciting project built under a week using WordPress. Inaddition, the website has been optimized by following a wide-range of optimization techniques (such as: mobile-first approach, minification, backlinks) before submission to Google, Yandex, and Bing for indexing. 

CMS / Libraries / Other



#wordpress #2020 #lifeinsurance #health #website

My Immigration Helpline


My Immigration Helpline provides legal help, advice and visa application services for UK-based residents and those looking to visit, move or start a business in the UK. This website was initially a small project and it began to evolve into a more complex website as the client wanted to integrate an open forum, real-time notifications and user profiles. 

CMS / Libraries / Other

Ultimate Member


#wordpress #2020 #immigration #visas #website #forum

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